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I have been associated with MFPA India for some years and I am very impressed with your work and, of-course, the super quality of products.
- Air Commodore M. Vania, Coimbatore

I am impressed with the pictures drawn by artists who have no hands. I also admire the efforts the association is taking on behalf of disabled people.
- Maganbhai, Anand

I am proud to contribute to this organization. Please send me a calendar every year.
- Sara, Jaipur

You and your artists have defied all the natural laws of nature and have stood upright even under the most unfavorable circumstances God created for you. May you reach greater glory in future.
- Jaibir Singh, New Delhi

I really like the greeting cards. We have to only thank god for having blessed them with such amazing skills. Credit also goes to you for all the great care you have given to them.
- James Corera, Bangalore

Received your lovely postcard calendar 2010. We salute the spirit of bravery of these talented artists who are not demoted by their disability.
- Jiwan, Delhi

2 sets of paintings of your organization are with me, your work is really fantastic. My heartfelt appreciations.
- N Ponnusamy, Karur

The cards are simply superb. Thank you very much for sending these extraordinary works. Your handwriting moved me and made me write this. My heart beats for you.
- Dr. C.V. Kondaiah, Hyderabad

I am in receipt of your letter which speaks volumes about the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists. You have been doing a great job in furthering their cause and helping them.
- M.L. Tulsian, Kolkatta

Love to all of you. Don't feel you are disabled; the proof of which is the cards you have been sending me.
- Ganesh Rai, Singtam

I read the letter by Nadeem Shaikh and was filled with love and affection for those people. I really appreciate and want to contribute a little from my side.
- Aditya, Sikkim

I will tell everybody who visits my office. It is great inspiration to those who are complaining always about everything and not keeping themselves busy in their work.
- R.M. Khandare, Nashik

Loved all the cards and could not believe that they were made by Mouth & Foot Artists!! Your handwriting too in the letter is unbelievably good.
- A. Piremath, Secunderabad

I have received your set of greeting cards and i was shocked to know who uses either their Mouth or Feet for this excellent work.
- Dr. V.K. Abhyankar, Thane

The Calendar was a novel idea because it could be used as a calendar as well as a poster card. Thanks for sending us this beautiful art pieces. It is my mother who showed me these art pieces as she had no words to describe the talent shown by these people who worked with their mouth and foot.
- M. Indrajit, Chennai

I am surprised to know your amazing creativity in the field of art. You have a great opportunity.
- Navin, West Bengal

It is just amazing what you and your fellow artists can do. Those card look as good as being painted by hand. Everyone in my family is truly inspired.
- Niharika, Dheradun

Love it! Made my year!
- Shriya Saran, Mumbai

This is fabulous! The creativity, the detailing, the colors, the skill - everything is mind-blowing!
- Abishek Malhotra, Mumbai

Incredible experience watching these artists at work!!
- Gul Panag, Mumbai

Very inspirational. Excellent work done by the MFPA.
- Abhay Gandhi, CEO - Sun Pharma

Very impressed at the ability to achieve the objective inspite of handicapped. A example for us to learn from.
- Dilip Shanghvi, Chairman - Sun Pharma

God Bless Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. Its truly wonderful to see Gods creations at work!
- Shiamak Davar

All my love to Nadeem. I have never seen this level of dedication that I saw in Nadeem today while he was painting my portrait. All my support and my heart goes out to each and every soul who are like Nadeem.
- Madalsa Sharma

Your association 'IMFPA' is a blessed one. Every artist is Unique here and the painting done by them comes from their heart, against all the odds they excel in their talent is amazing. My heart goes out for all of them and I will have them in my prayers. May the almighty bring all the happiness in life for them.
- Sheela Sharma

Congratulation + Sabash To all you brave souls! You are a true inspiration to one and all. May you thrive + prosper in your endeavor to overcome your adversity all through your lives.
- Perin jesia, Mumbai

Happy to receive your beautiful hand painted art products. Wishing you all very best in life and in your achievements.
- Mondira Dey, New Delhi

Thanks for sending me your latest products, they are wonderful and deserve all praise. I bless your noble endeavor and wish you all the best.
- Dr. C G Pande, Nagpur

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and commend all of you for the wonderful work that is being done, and feel blessed to be a part of it.
- Ninian D'Souza, Mumbai

A bundle of thanks for the love you all have bestowed upon me. Hats off to your creations, talent and beautiful handwriting.
- N S Bhattal, Punjab

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"God Bless Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. Its truly wonderful to see Gods creations at work!"
- Shiamak Davar

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