Artist Profile - Mariusz Maczka

DOB:21st April 1973
Place of Birth:Dobiegniew
Painting Style:Mouth Painter
Member of MFPA since:    2011

In June 1988 Mariusz Maczka was involved in a grave car accident where he fractured his vertebra, resulting in paralysis of his extremities. He has been confined to the wheelchair ever since. Five years after his accident, he started to paint with his mouth. He enjoyed it very much right from the start and was soon able to make significant artistic progress. He was admitted to the MFPA Association as a Student Member in 2000. He was an Associate Member of MFPA from 2007 onwards and was admitted as a full Member in 2011.  Mariusz Maczka mainly paints in oils. His favourite subjects are still life, landscapes, flowers and animals. With regard to the latter, he particularly enjoys painting themes which feature horses. The artist has already shown his mouth painted works to the public at innumerable exhibitions.

More Paintings by Mariusz Maczka
Mansion Majestic
by Mariusz Maczka
The Lord is my Shepherd
by Mariusz Maczka
Tea Time
by Mariusz Maczka
Silverware collection
by Mariusz Maczka
Tranquil Grazing
by Mariusz Maczka
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"Thanks for sending me your latest products, they are wonderful and deserve all praise. I bless your noble endeavor and wish you all the best."
- Dr. C G Pande, Nagpur

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