Artist Profile - Eros Bonamini

DOB:20th December 1942
Place of Birth:Verona
Painting Style:Mouth Painter
Member of MFPA since:    1966

Eros Bonamini had a quiet childhood. He was studying at a technical college when had a sporting accident which completely changed his life. While performing a racing drive he suffered an injury to his spine and became confined to the wheelchair. During a long therapy in which he learned to live with his new physical condition, he developed a passion for literature and classical music. This was when he discovered painting and became completely immersed in it. Painting became his main occupation. He learned different techniques and the basics of paintings from various artists. It was in 1966 that he became a full member of the Association. In 1992, he was elected Member of the Board of the Association. On the occasion of the general assembly in October 2002, Eros Bonamini was elected president of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists World wide.

Eros Bonamini, who signs his paintings with his pseudonym, Veronese was able to develop his great talent as mouth painter in an incredibly short period of time. Studying with two professors, the tradition of cubism forms the basis of his creative work, which is reflected in his still and landscape scenaries.  The compositions of the mouth painter clearly reveal his artistic intellect. Since 1965 he has regularly shown his paintings at group and solo exhibitions all over the world. Art critics have time and again praised his excellent work.


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by Eros Bonamini
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by Eros Bonamini
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by Eros Bonamini
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by Eros Bonamini
by Eros Bonamini
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"The Calendar was a novel idea because it could be used as a calendar as well as a poster card. Thanks for sending us this beautiful art pieces. It is my mother who showed me these art pieces as she had no words to describe the talent shown by these people who worked with their mouth and foot."
- M. Indrajit, Chennai

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