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Narayan Ramakrishnan

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DOB:18th November 1969
Painting Style:Foot painter
Member of MFPA since:    1990

When Ramakrishnan (RK as he is popularly called) was taken to a Pediatrician at the age of six months, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Ramakrishnan lives at home, with his family. He has an exceptional high IQ. The foot-painter is a very cheerful person and is interested in sports and likes to play chess. He also loves to play the piano and is fond of reading. Ramakrishnan has no formal school education. He paints with his foot and has taught himself this skill. He has been a member of MFPA since 1990.

Paintings of Narayan Ramakrishnan
Pink Flowers
by Narayan Ramakrishnan
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"Happy to receive your beautiful hand painted art products. Wishing you all very best in life and in your achievements."
- Mondira Dey, New Delhi

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