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Place of Birth:Antosagasta, Chile
Painting Style:Mouth Painter

Ivar Benavides was born in 1953 in Antosagasta, Chile. Ivar was 11 years old when a kite he was flying became entangled in electric wires. Attempting to "rescue” the kite, Ivar was electrocuted, sending 12,000 volts through his system. The damage from the accident and subsequent complications led to the loss of both of Ivar’s arms.
Benavides typically paints religious scenes and landscapes using a mouth-held brush. The success Ivar experienced with painting encouraged him to pursue other hobbies -- one of which is restoring old automobiles.
"I do the body repair, the engines, and I paint them too,” says Ivar. "I hold a hammer between my neck and arm to hammer out the metal. I use a spray gun to paint the cars. I hold the can under my chin and between my arms and use a string in my mouth to pull the trigger. I even work on the engines. I do almost everything.”
Ivar lives in Vancouver, Washington with his wife and three children. He regularly speaks at his children’s schools and offers demonstrations in mouth painting.
Paintings of Ivar BENAVIDES
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