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Neminath H. Phalke

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DOB:2nd July 1964
Place of Birth:Varkhadi
Painting Style:Mouth painter
Member of MFPA since:    1992

Neminath Phalke lives in Aurangabad, India along with his family. An accident while serving the Indian Airforce paralyzed him from the neck down. Even though he was unable to use all his limbs and was confined to a wheelchair, Neminath decided to not give up on life. He taught himself mouth painting in 1988 and has excelled in this field ever since.He paints landscapes, flowers and animals of his native India. His works have been shown several times. He has been a member of the MFPA since 1992 and his hobbies are sport, music and literature. Neminath has a message: "If I could make a successful living despite being physically challenged, so can you. Never lose heart. Just keep trying."

Paintings of Neminath H. Phalke
by Neminath H. Phalke
Childs vase of flowers
by Neminath H. Phalke
Nag Panchami
by Neminath H. Phalke
Ganesha in Leaves
by Neminath H. Phalke
Village sale
by Neminath H. Phalke
Picture Postcard
by Neminath H. Phalke
Roses for u
by Neminath H. Phalke
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"Very impressed at the ability to achieve the objective inspite of handicapped. A example for us to learn from."
- Dilip Shanghvi, Chairman - Sun Pharma

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