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Manoj Bhingare

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Place of Birth: Surat
Painting Style:Foot Painter
Member of MFPA since:    2009

Manoj was only ten years of age, when he lost his hands in a bus accident. The only child of his parents, who live in Surat, Manoj's father drives an autorickshaw and his mother works as a house-maid. Despite his disability, Manoj never gave up and completed his schooling as well as earned a degree in Fine Arts from C N Vidhalaya. His dream was to become an artist and he decided to fulfil his dream overcoming his handicap. Manoj has also done a course in computer applications and has learnt to use his foot to type and control the mouse. In 1999 Manoj won the Rashtriya Balashri Award for Painting that was presented to him at the Rashtrpati Bhavan.
Paintings of Manoj Bhingare
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"You and your artists have defied all the natural laws of nature and have stood upright even under the most unfavorable circumstances God created for you. May you reach greater glory in future."
- Jaibir Singh, New Delhi

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