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Everard Prayta

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DOB:26th July 1952
Place of Birth: Ooldea
Painting Style:Mouth Painter
Member of MFPA since:    2000

Everard Prayta is descended from Australian Aborigines and grew up mainly in institutions together with his siblings. He attended primary school and secondary school until the age of 17. Before the car accident that left him paraplegic at the age of 21, he used to be an enthusiastic athlete who loved playing Australian football and basketball, and he won several trophies. He has been unable to use his arms and legs since the accident. He taught himself how to paint with the mouth. In 1982 he was granted a scholarship by the Association. 10 years later he became associate member and in 2000 full member of the AMFPA. The landscapes of his native Australia are Everard Praytas favourite motifs. He mainly paints in oils. His works have been on display at many exhibitions. Today Everard Prayta is living in a hospital where he is able to dedicate himself to painting.

Paintings of Everard Prayta
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