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Luis Lorenzo Navarro

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DOB:25th August 1953
Place of Birth:Abezames (Zamora)
Painting Style:Mouth Painter
Member of MFPA since:    2011

Mr Lorenzo Navarro is a mouth painter and was born on August 25, 1953 in Abezames. He used to be a primary school teacher. Since April 26, 1989 he has been suffering from serious circulatory disturbances in his arms and legs and is therefore no longer able to move. He must use a respirator that causes blood to circulate.
In September 1990 Mr Navarro began painting with his mouth. He is an autodidact. His hobbies are literature, music and writing.

Paintings of Luis Lorenzo Navarro
Wilderness & Beyond
by Luis Lorenzo Navarro
Chomping Away
by Luis Lorenzo Navarro
by Luis Lorenzo Navarro
by Luis Lorenzo Navarro
Bubble Bath
by Luis Lorenzo Navarro
by Luis Lorenzo Navarro
Wintery Eve
by Luis Lorenzo Navarro
Castle by the River
by Luis Lorenzo Navarro
Warriors Statues
by Luis Lorenzo Navarro
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