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Jesus Machorro Ruiz

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DOB:28th June 1967
Place of Birth:Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico
Painting Style:Mouth Painter
Member of MFPA since:    2000

I was born on June 28, 1967 in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico. I am the youngest of four brothers and I have a disability in my motor skills called cerebral palsy or CP. At the moment of birth I was perfectly normal. The doctors had trouble getting me out of my mother’s womb so they used an instrument called "forceps” damaging the part of the cortex and cerebellum that controls the motor skills in the brain. They thought I had died until a nurse saw that I was breathing and gave me mouth to mouth artificial respiration. Due to the doctors´ negligence, I am confined to a chair and bedridden.When I was a child, I would be taken to the city of Mexico for rehabilitation. I am grateful to my parents who did not give up, since this was a great sacrifice for them. I used to like to play with didactic games, I would watch television and, as I grew older, I used to like card games and, of course, betting.At the age of ten I attended a school called CEDUC where I went from a being a boy to my teen years.I learned to work with numbers just by listening in a pharmacy that my father had, and during the summers, a young lady would come to my house to teach me how to read. My teen years went by doing these activities. At 28, I registered myself in APAC. It was there that we were told that we had to prepare a present for our mothers since the 10th. of May was getting close. So I made a flower bouquet with vinci painting and toothpaste. For the end of the school year I painted a heron at dawn with acrylic paint and a yarn ball with many colors. All this happened in 1997.I started to think who could help me holding the paper and mix colors so I could paint. At the end of that year, a friend took me out for a spin and suggested that I organize an exhibition. I thought this would be impossible. Organizing and exhibition was a dream for me. In spite of this, the idea exploded like a bomb in my mind and, from then on, I made everything possible to make this dream come true. During the whole month of January I kept thinking about who could help me and I went to the House of Culture to request support. When they told me it was possible, I started painting every third day. In April of the same year I spoke to a lady from a gallery and showed her some paintings. She liked them very much and told me she would give me some space in August so I could mount my first exposition. As time came closer, I started feeling very nervous because I had no idea what would be the people´s reaction. The result was wonderful, my paintings were liked and I sold a few of them.In 1999 a colleague from the Jardín de las Rosas (Rose Garden) here in Morelia, Michoacán, spoke to me about the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. Immediately I wanted to know more. I contacted them and they ask for samples, they saw them and liked  my technique very much. By the year 2000 I received the news of my life. I was accepted as a scholarship grantee. From then on I have received a lot of support, not only human but financial. I want to thank them because thanks to painting I have feel realized as a person, obtained great achievements and satisfactions and, mainly, I thank God for what I am and being where I am.During my trajectory I´ve had more than 60 individual and collective expositions. Thanks to painting I have visited many places in the Mexican Republic, something I thought in my younger years that I would never be able to do. I also want to give thanks to my parents and my brothers for their patience and support, and all the friends that stood by me during the course of my life.I also want to tell all the young people to value their bodies and their lives, to leave drugs behind and show determination in everything they do – nothing in this life is impossible.Thank you and much luck.
Paintings of Jesus Machorro Ruiz
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