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Doris Mauser

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DOB:20th March 1918
Place of Birth:Heilbronn
Painting Style:Mouth Painter
Member of MFPA since:    1993

At 13, Doris Mauser contracted Multiple Sclerosis. She finished grammar school, studied Psychology in Heidelberg, and worked as a psychologist until 1983. Already as a student, she was confined to a wheelchair, but since the early 1980s her arms and hands have been paralysed too. In an interview, she admits: "The wheelchair isn’t so bad - losing the use of my hands was far more difficult for me.” In 1986, Doris Mauser began to paint watercolours. Landscapes, portraits and, above all, plants – particularly roses – are among her favourite motifs. Her limited range of movement forces the mouth painter to paint small-format pictures, and thus delicate miniatures emerge through fine strokes of the brush. For pictures in stronger colour tones, she uses oils or acrylics. Doris Mauser has been a Scholarship Holder of AMFPA since 1993."The lovely thing about painting is that is makes you forget yourself – through the distraction, even the pains get less,” says the mouth painter, who, due to the progression of the disease, now has only strength enough to sit for a few hours every day.One large project for Doris Mauser was her work on the book "The Schwetzing Garden and the Poets”, which came out in 2003. Her lovingly painted watercolours are supplemented with poetic texts, which her husband Peter Koppenhöfer has compiled for the book. She is working on a similar joint book project about Heidelberg Castle. "For me, a day when I haven’t painted is a day wasted,” says the mouth painter.

Paintings of Doris Mauser
Wings Tell It All
by Doris Mauser
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