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Stephen Libby

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Painting Style:Mouth Painter

Stephen Libby was 29 years old when he was in a tragic automobile accident, rendering him a quadriplegic. As a young child, Steve enjoyed drawing so it was only natural that, while in rehab, he started using colored pencils to draw with his mouth. After years of practice, Stephen switched from drawing and sketching, to painting with his mouth. He prefers to paint vibrant landscapes and flowers in oils.Today, Stephen is living in Maine and is continually developing his mouth painting skills.
Paintings of Stephen Libby
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"The Calendar was a novel idea because it could be used as a calendar as well as a poster card. Thanks for sending us this beautiful art pieces. It is my mother who showed me these art pieces as she had no words to describe the talent shown by these people who worked with their mouth and foot."
- M. Indrajit, Chennai

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