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Pieter de Leur

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DOB:17th October 1923
Place of Birth:Sneek
Painting Style:Mouth & Foot Painter
Member of MFPA since:    1980

After attending primary and secondary school, Pieter de Leur worked as a window dresser and salesman. In 1970 he suffered a heart attack with partial muscular paralysis and has since been unable to use his arms and legs. In 1975 he began painting with his mouth and later he laso devoted himself to painting with his right foot. He acquired his knowledge of painting as an autodidact.

His preferred subjrcts are landscapes of his homeland of Holland and Flowers. He also makes collages, for which he uses magazine cuttings or impressions of coins in rich colours. In 1980 Pieter de Leur became a member of the association. He than successfully participated in numerous exhibitions all over the world. In 1989 he had a joint exhibition with H H Price Bernard, who is also a dedicated painter, in Veenklooster which also met with a wonderful response in the media. In the same year he wrote his biography entitled " Qachter Elke Hindernis Licht De Horizon"... which was published in the Netherlands and was a great success. A tulip has been named after him since 1994. At the 13th tulip show he personally christened the flower.


Paintings of Pieter de Leur
Varying Vistas
by Pieter De Leur
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