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Margarita Ibarra Flores

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DOB:2nd December 1956
Painting Style:Mouth Painter

I was born on December 2, 1956, in San Marcos Evangelista, Jalisco, Mexico. I´ve lived in Guadalajara since I was almost one year old, and I learned to love this land.When I turned 29, I was diagnosed with rhematoid arthritis. One day I felt very tired and, after working a few hours, I decided to rest in one morning. When I tried getting out of bed, it became a big feat. I thought then that my dreams had ended.First I felt a pain in my wrist, then my whole body felt numb. The floor seemed like a magnet and I couldn´t separate my feet from it. The sickness had affected me from my neck to the fingers of my feet, since it is a progressive degenerative polyarticular condition.Having arthritis has helped me to value everything in life. I know that life is wonderful and it is a miracle that people can walk or lift heavy objects. Once I could also do this and it felt very normal.The following year of my disability I started painting and studying painting, thanks to a teacher and some friends y neighbors that would take me to class in their vehicle. I always had a curiosity about painting since I was a young girl.Some seminarians took me to meet Mr. José Moreno, a mouth painter, who gave me lots of advice and shared with me some of his "secrets” about his work so I could apply them, and I did.Even though my sickness advanced to the brain, which prevented me from painting for some time, I now paint with all my heart.I currently live with my mother who is blind. She fills me with fortitude when I see how she has been able to overcome her disability. Thanks to my mom who is my complement and I am hers, we live constantly supporting each other.Thanks to the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of which I am a part of since 2006. Thanks for the opportunity to develop myself as an artist.

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"Your association 'IMFPA' is a blessed one. Every artist is Unique here and the painting done by them comes from their heart, against all the odds they excel in their talent is amazing. My heart goes out for all of them and I will have them in my prayers. May the almighty bring all the happiness in life for them. "
- Sheela Sharma

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