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Anja Hamalainen-Numminen

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DOB:8th November 1936
Place of Birth:Koski
Painting Style:Mouth Painter
Member of MFPA since:    1980

Anja Hamalainen-Numminen contracted polio in 1951 and lost the use of her arms and hands. It took Anja Hämäläinen-Numminen, who had always enjoyed embroidering, knitting and drawing patterns, three or four years before she began to paint and draw with a utensil in her mouth. She decided to take lessons in different painting styles with trained teachers. In 1965 she was granted a scholarship by the Association. This gave her the opportunity to intensify her painting activity. In 1980 she became a full member of the AMFPA. Anja Hämäläinen-Numminen primarily depicts the landscapes of her native country, but also floral arrangements, people and mythical creatures. Her works should be viewed with a generous eye and are very self-confident in their transposition. She has had the opportunity to present them to the public at numerous exhibitions in Finland and around the world. Apart from painting Anja Hämäläinen-Numminen has many hobbies, including literature, art events, play-acting for organizations for disabled people and travelling.
Paintings of Anja Hamalainen-Numminen
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