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James Hodkinson

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DOB:7th September 1949
Place of Birth:Manchester/England
Painting Style:Mouth Painter
Member of MFPA since:    2000

At the age of 10 James Hodkinson moved from England to Australia, where he still lives today. In 1973 he had a bathing accident which left his arms and legs paralysed and resulted in a hospital stay of two years. After that James Hodkinson lived in a home for people with spinal injuries. At the same time this was a new start in his life. During the rehabilitation phase he frequently attended painting and drawing classes. He took a great liking to drawing with a pencil in his mouth. Ever since, he has continuously striven to further develop his artistic talent. Among other things he went to the Tafe College for three years, where he learned nude drawing and oil painting. In 1991 James Hodkinson was granted a scholarship by the Association. Nine years later he was accepted as associated member of the AMFPA. This gave him the opportunity to show his works to the broad public, which made the media aware of him. So far he has had several exhibitions. In addition, he regularly speaks on the local radio and the local media frequently cover a story about him.
Paintings of James Hodkinson
Verdant Ambience
by James Hodkinson
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"Received your lovely postcard calendar 2010. We salute the spirit of bravery of these talented artists who are not demoted by their disability."
- Jiwan, Delhi

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