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Roman Gruntar

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DOB:1st February 1965
Place of Birth:Postojna
Painting Style:Mouth Painter

Roman Gruntar was born on 1 February 1965 in Postojna. After a serious car accident in 1998, he became severely disabled and is unable to use his arms or legs. Although he had a passion for painting already in his younger years, after the accident he decided to devote all his time to painting. The painter lives and creates in Borjana. He takes inspiration from his natural and architectural surroundings. In 2003 he obtained a scholarship of the International Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists.
Paintings of Roman Gruntar
Cross Country
by Roman Gruntar
by Roman Gruntar
Temperate Regions
by Roman Gruntar
Autumn Leaves
by Roman Gruntar
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