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Sunitha Thrippanikkara

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DOB:7th January 1983
Place of Birth:Kannur, Kerala
Painting Style:Mouth painter
Member of MFPA since:    2004

On account of muscular dystrophy, Sunita's body gradually lost its strength, and in the course of time she lost the use of her hands and became unable to walk. Mouth painter Ganesh Kumar (long-time scholarship holder with MFPA) encouraged the young artist to paint with her mouth. She enjoyed it very much and rapidly made considerable progress. Sunita is a member of the MFPA since 2004 and has made beautiful paintings of Gods and Goddesses of India.

Paintings of Sunitha Thrippanikkara
Divine Love
by Sunitha Thrippanikkara
Indian Village Scene
by Sunitha Thrippanikkara
Krishna & Radha
by Sunitha Thrippanikkara
Shiva in Meditation
by Sunitha Thrippanikkara
Butterflies & Nectar
by Sunitha Thrippanikkara
Wildflowers In the Valley
by Sunitha Thrippanikkara
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"The cards are simply superb. Thank you very much for sending these extraordinary works. Your handwriting moved me and made me write this. My heart beats for you."
- Dr. C.V. Kondaiah, Hyderabad

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