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Nadeem Riyasat Ali Shaikh

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DOB:10th November 1992
Place of Birth:Mumbai
Painting Style:Foot painter

Nadeem Riyasat Ali Shaikh was born without hands in Mumbai, in the winter of 1992. From a very young age, Nadeem had to carry out the activities of daily living with his feet. At school, he began to paint and draw with his feet and also successfully completed his Board Exams by writing with his foot. Nadeem has had the opportunity to participate in several painting competitions and exhibitions and is now a member of the MFPA.

Paintings of Nadeem Riyasat Ali Shaikh
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"I will tell everybody who visits my office. It is great inspiration to those who are complaining always about everything and not keeping themselves busy in their work."
- R.M. Khandare, Nashik

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