Artist Profile - Ganesh Kumar

DOB:15th October 1969
Painting Style:Mouth painter
Member of MFPA since:    1988

Mr. Ganesh Kumar was born in Kannur, a small town in Kerala. At the age of just one, he was affected by polio but despite his disability, Ganesh started writing and painting at the age of just 3 years. Gradually, over a period of time, Ganesh lost the complete use of his hands and feet, thereby confining the mouth painting artist to a wheelchair for life. Slowly he began to use his mouth to write and paint.  He did not attend formal school but yet learned to read and write in English. Everything he does, is self-taught including mouth painting. At the moment Ganesh. Kumar's work consists of over 3000 paintings. Ganesh Kumar has been a member of the MFPA since 1988.

More Paintings by Ganesh Kumar
Kerela Hindu Festival
by Ganesh Kumar
Goldfish in a Tank
by Ganesh Kumar
Ganesha in Repose
by Ganesh Kumar
Forest Waterfall
by Ganesh Kumar
Contemplative Gandhiji
by Ganesh Kumar
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"Very impressed at the ability to achieve the objective inspite of handicapped. A example for us to learn from."
- Dilip Shanghvi, Chairman - Sun Pharma

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