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Luis Ariel CRIOLLO Roldan

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DOB:15th October 1966
Place of Birth:Ibague (Tolima)
Painting Style:Mouth Painter
Member of MFPA since:    1991

Born on October 15, 1966 in the City of Ibagué (Tolima), and while fulfilling his duties as a policeman, he suffered a gunshot wound. This caused a cervical (C-1) injury, causing him to become quadriplegic. In 1992 he starts rehabilitation at the National Police Central Hospital where he also took oil painting classes. He became part of the Association of Painters in 1991. His favorite themes to paint are sceneries, animals and flowers, and he continues to receive private classes with teacher Carlos Parra.

Paintings of Luis Ariel CRIOLLO Roldan
Clowns Sorrow
by Luis Ariel Criollo Roldan
Twirls n Whorls
by Luis Ariel Criollo Roldan
Soulful Look
by Luis Ariel Criollo Roldan
Penguin Family
by Luis Ariel Criollo Roldan
Beautiful Flowers- gladioli
by Luis Ariel Criollo Roldan
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